Hello. I'm Matthew Daigle, a real scientist and a fake artist/photographer. Welcome to my art portfolio. This portfolio includes a curated set of works. For an unfiltered portfolio, with experimental works, you can follow me on Instagram @sporpgores for art, and @sporptography for photography.

You can reach me by emailing sporpgores at sporpgores.com.

Tools & Techniques

While my art has evolved over the years, my current interests mostly revolve around art created with computer code, i.e., creative coding. This includes using techniques of artificial intelligence (AI) as tools in the creation of art.

One such tool is a program tentatively called AutoPainter, which takes an image as input and creates a digital painting of it as output. Other AI-based works involve image translation models, which are essentially fancy image filters, where the filter parameters are found by AI algorithms. For example, one such image translation model takes extremely blurry images, and trys to make them into cat images. Usually, it fails in interesting ways, which is usually what I'm after.

Navigating the Portfolio

The portfolio is organized primarily into art and photography. Within each, the works are categorized into different series. Within each series is a set of works.

Prints for some works are available and fulfilled through Fine Art America. If you're interested in prints of any work that is not currently available, feel free to email your request. Additional merchandise (T-shirts, stickers) is available as well, fulfilled through Redbubble.